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Larenis MorroVine – Merchant Explorer

Larenis grew up in Narisine, the capitol city of Eladia, bustling with commerce and industry. Larenis’ branch of the family lived in reasonable comfort on the Lower Terraces. As a child Larenis accompanied his kin on family business throughout the city. He saw the barely contained chaos of the animal markets outside the city walls, the clamour of the craftsmen’s workshops and even glimpses inside the palace itself.

Larenis’ lessons came from a kindly family relative in the great library. As a teenager Larenis would sneak away to wander the Artist’s Quarter, listening intently to debates raging in coffeehouses and joining the cacophonous crowd in and about the Street of Poets.

The docks however truly called to Larenis. It was there that the goods flowing off the ships, filled the shop fronts and showed Larenis the exotic wonders of the world waiting to be found. Aribea’s Oil’s and Elixirs, Malcane’s Inks, Beast & Botanica all were the source of much childhood wonder but it was a quiet little map shop on a back street just off the docks that was the most enthralling.

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