Alter Egos, Eclipse Phase

Rogue Research Scientist

“I need to know and I’ll do whatever it takes – the ends justifies the means.”

Rogue Research Scientist only care about the result.  They are not encumbered by principles, mores or faction bureaucracy.  Rogue Scientists unshackled themselves from the psychological chains of compassion, empathy or compromise.

Transhumanity’s survival is at stake! Do you think the Universe has sympathy for the weak?

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Alter Egos, Backgrounds, Call of Cthulhu

Eldridge Rothem (Cthulhu7) – Background

As a boy, Eldridge always had a knack for getting into places that were off limits and then getting into trouble.  One time, in a fit of annoyance the boarding school had him spend a night in the jail, in the hopes that it would scare him into submission.  Eldridge wasn’t the least bit deterred.  So long as there were closed doors, he felt it was his duty to see what was on the other side.

On his 15th birthday, he was given a N0.1A Autographic Kodak Junior
(user manualpdf1pdf2).  Now he could share his discoveries.